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By Aminah
The dress arrived in less than a month and during Christmas season too! Of course, I was skeptical at first, especially since I have such high expectations....The dress was absolutely stunning It fit exactly as my custom measurements and was better than the photo! I didn't tell a soul how much I paid for the dress because everyone expected an expensive Vera Wang from me. I played a game throughout my wedding and had people guess how much the dress was. The prices came in anywhere between $3,000 and $12,000. Everyone was shocked that I only paid $300!!! Not only was this the deal of a century but my little HerBridal secret is almost too good to share with anyone!
By Daselin
I received my dress about a month after I had ordered. This dress is beautiful and the quality is very good. I ordered also a petticoat from the HerBridal that fit with the dress and is incredible. I have already recommended to all my friends and to you
By Daniel
I received my dress in about a month after I had ordered. It was custom ordered for my measurements, and it fits perfectly! Very well made, very sturdy! Everyone I know is really impressed with the quality and the fact that I will not have to have the dress altered. I did order the petticoat they recommend with it, and it is working wonderfully! The pictures here are one with and one without the petticoat, however. I am working on adjusting it to the right size as it is a little large for the skirt of the dress (but the petticoat IS easily adjustable). Really, a very beautiful dress, I have no complaints about the dress. Definitely make sure you realize that shipping is going to cost a lot more than expected, depending on where you are having it shipped to. That is my only complaint with the whole process. Other than that, I am very satisfied with my order.
By matthew
The one thing I love about this dress is the long bodice. Very on style at the moment yet still quite hard to find in many stores. Love it!
By gaikgbwpgd
It took me almost a month to finally come to term that I am absolutely utterly in love with this dress and need to risk it buying overseas. If you are still thinking about it just because of the price and because it is online? Stop and guy purchase! It's beautiful and fits exactly how I wanted it to on my waist. I don't have a mermaid dress, but at the same time got my waist and hips showing (i'll include photos after the wedding). The only issue I ran into was when UPS came to deliver the dress. I was told to pay $60.00 dollars. The dress went to my mother's address so I told her not to pay until I find out what this is about. HerBridal told me it must be a custom tax in my country and they can do nothing about it. Ladies, I have no idea what happened next, but when I picked up the dress UPS told me it was taken care of. Don't hesitate to contact them about any of your issues! Enjoy shopping
By Angela
I just bought this dress. I am very anxious for its arrival so I can finally try it. First I want to thank all the brides who have posted pictures of their dresses on site because they were very important in my final decision! I hope that my dress has so much quality yours.
By Jose
After like 2 months of deliberating between this dress and another, I finally went ahead and ordered it last night. I know how helpful the pictures of real people were, so I promise as soon as I get it I will post some. Should be about 2 weeks. The expedited shipping was 70% off. Anyway, I have the same feelings as most of you brides to be about this dress. I don't like the bolero... definitely won't use it. But I looked at a couple other dresses that were similar styles to this, and there are certain aspects of this dress that just make it totally unique and perfect for me. Like the dropped waist, the extra sinching of the skirt on the back to lift the train and add volume. The excellent bead work and the form-fitting top that doesn't require boobs. I ordered a petticoat with it for only $14.99, and would strongly recommend that anyone else do the same. I tried on dresses like this without them and it just isn't nearly as glamorous. Anyway, CONGRATULATIONS BRIDES TO BE. Congratulations for finally making a decision and ordering my dress :)
By Janette
I got the dress today! It's so wonderful! I'm speechless and very emotional. I can't wait to try it on in front of everyone, maybe this weekend. I'll post some pictures soon. THANK YOU HerBridal!!!
By Cindy
I just bought this dress that I had my eye on it for awhile! So hopefully all the reviews is as they say and it is absolutely beautiful!! Will post pics when I get it!!
By matthieu
I ordered the dress and it was delivered exactly in 3 weeks just today I opened the dress and it was really wow!! I was astonished!!!!!!! Even the trap was perfect for me except for the length and I hope I could fix it up!!!!! It is sooo beautiful I am waiting to wear it!!!! Thank you HerBridal !!!
By romano
Received the dress just as advised- within 3 weeks! I agree with the other comments- there are a number of loose threads, and the wrap is a little tacky. It is also very small for the size of the dress. Don't think I will be able to use it. Apart from that it is beautifully made for the price and it was well delivered. I am very happy with it and thank HerBridal for the service. This took the stress out of wedding dress shopping!
By Nor
The dress is so beautiful!! I love it! I was little disappointed about the wrap, but the customer service immediately contact me and we solved the problem. Thank so much for the dress! I am so happy and I will recommend this website to all my friends and family!
By joyce
I got my dress 6 days after from the day I ordered. And I love this dress!! Also my families !! Mine is size 4 and it's perfectly fit. But one thing has to keep this in mind. Its real emphasizes around the tummy.. So I am gonna work on my tummy exercise!!
By Mercy
I'm excited! I ordered the dress already! I customized the size and I really hope it will fit like a glove to me.. I didn't get the free shipping deal 'cause I was hesitant before.. I'll show some pictures soon!
By dheesha
Hi, I received my dress today and it`s soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo beautiful, I am very happy with the quality and the lace at the back is really nice. The only thing that I have not appreciated is the wrap (Bolero) the stitches are not professional and the quality of the bolero also is not as the dress. I don't regret of buying from HerBridal, I will buy again from HerBridal and will surely recommend to anyone to buy from HerBridal.
By Arlene
My fiance proposed September 19, and was shipped to Iraq September 22nd. :( things have been hard and although its fun planning a wedding, it is very stressful doing it by myself, not to mention having my sweetheart so far away. I didn't want to comprise my high fashion style in buying a dress that was stress free, but not MY dream wedding gown. I stubbled onto HerBridal.com by accident, but as soon as I saw the first dress on the first page I was in love, then when I saw the price I almost thought it was too good to be true. I bought my dream dress that night and it was delivered within the time they estimated. The quality is brilliant! And the stitching is flawless! HerBridal did more than just give me my dream dress, it made a fiance who is dealing with the heartaches of deployment a brighter hope for my future! Thank you! This dress is absolutely a dream come true!
By Eddie
Hi ladies, I've just put the order through for my dress - a wee bit apprehensive due to ordering without having tried it on but I'm encouraged by the reviews on here! I'll try to get some photos posted when it arrives... :)
By daniel
Got my dress on Nov 25th only ordered it on the 4th of November, thought it would be a bit longer as I live in Ireland, it's absolutely beautiful! I couldn't have asked for a better style, fit, craftsmanship!!! Only one thing may need to be altered is the length, it's just a tad bit too long, or I'll have to wear my killer heels all day :P. Thank you HerBridal! I will be buying from you again. Just a word of advice though for anyone from Ireland buying I had to pay a €89.07 customs charge. That was the only thing that ticked me off a bit, I knew there would be some kind of customs charge but didn't think it would be that much! Thank you again, I'll feel like the princess on my day as any bride should!
By Ronson
I ordered the dress but it did not arrive when expected because customer service said there was a very high demand for this style of dress (I can see why, It is beautiful dress) but because of the delay HerBridal did offer me a 30% discount off the price of the dress that really helped ease the issue, but once I received the dress & tried it on I did find a few flaws in the quality of the dress such as, the bodice was coming apart at the seam on the right side of my torso and the underling material hangs out 8" too long in the front which will have to be altered. BUT don't let this review sound so bad, overall I was happy with the dress, it is still a beautiful dress, can't beat the price. It will need some very minor alterations but overall I am satisfied with it. And customer service really does take care of any issues & in a timely manner.
By Jansen
I received my dress and it is gorgeous! The bolero is really tacky though.... There were a few loose strings where the lace is sewn on dress, but I am assuming I can just cut them off to make it a little more polished. Those of you who have suggested a petticoat, I agree I am going to order one - it will help it puff out and make it the perfect princess gown. Thanks HerBridal!
By Neal
I ordered this dress a few weeks ago for my upcoming May 2011 wedding. I have to admit that I was worried when I ordered my dress using the internet but was confident that alterations could fix any problem that could occur. I am happy to say that the dress was well worth the price and it fit perfectly. I do not need it altered thanks to the convenient laced back. This dress was definitely made for a taller woman because there is so much material. The quality and material are excellent though. Anyone that could possibly complain about this dress has unreasonable expectations. If you are buying a dress for such a great deal then expect to have a little work to do yourself! This dress is fabulous and I'll be sure to upload an image or two from my wedding day!!!
By Jamie
My dress arrived the other day, and it's beautiful!!! It's huge, and very elegant. I ordered a smaller size but it was still a little big on me. Also it's way to long. I don't know if I need to get a petticoat to poof it out more so the front doesn't drag on the floor? Because otherwise I step all over it. Some other women on here wrote in their reviews that they got a baggy of extra beads in case some fell out, but I didn't, and the beading is a little loose in a couple of places. Overall the dress is AMAZING, and I cannot wait to get married in it! THANK YOU HerBridal!!!! P.S. Still waiting for my veil, can't wait to see it!
By Marie
My dress came and it was perfect! I don't need to get it sized at all. The only thing I need to do is fit the jacket to me because it is a bit large, but that was expected and it should be an easy fix. Don't be afraid of the box size. It's small, but they folded it perfectly. The material is high quality and I love my dress!
By Delwin
I just ordered this dress for my July wedding this Summer!! I am so excited to get it. I fell in love with this dress this past November! I don't know if I'll like the lace bolero, I was thinking of having it made into off the shoulder sleeves, but we shall see... The organza/lace peekaboo at the bottom is so pretty and unique. I hope the dropped waist is flattering- I'm sure I'm going to love it. I have only seen great reviews of everything on here, so that really encouraged me to go ahead and order. I'll post pictures once it arrives! I also ordered a petticoat with bone hoops to go under it- I really want the full skirt to poof out;) Happy shopping!
By Richard
I LOVE this dress! I got it tonight and it took less than a month to arrive from the time I placed the order (even with Chinese New Year!) The detailing is very pretty although I noticed one sequin was on the carpet after trying it on. But there are so many it won't matter if a bunch more fall off. I ordered a size 6 because I fit the measurements exactly except in the hips. My hips are 35" (not 37.75"). I wish I had ordered a size 4. Since this is a lace up I think they give you extra fabric. If you look at the back of my dress I had to really tighten it. I think it would look better if the ribbon didn't have to be as tight. I will also have to take in 2 inches in the hips since it feels weird that it is loose on me. Just by looking at the dress you can't tell that it is loose but I would like the feeling of extra support from it being tight. It feels like it will slip down even though I know it won't. But that is my fault since I got exactly what the size 6 hips were supposed to be. Overall I am very happy with this dress! As a note I was also worried about seeing bad reviews on other sites about this company. I found out that there are a few knock off sites of this one that maybe people accidentally ordered from. But maybe not. I had a great experience with them though!
By Kenneth
A beautiful dress for under $200 - what more can you ask for. I really liked it and took my bridal portraits in it, though I then later decided to get a different dress for the ceremony (I found one with purple accents that I liked even more). A great dress even for bigger ladies - I'm a size 12/14, ordered a size 12 assuming they would run small like most wedding dresses (and I had planned to be a size 10 by the wedding which unfortunately didn't happen), and it fit great.
By jeffrey
Very Very Happy with the results of my beautiful wedding dress. Just what I expected and More! Amazing work. Great prices. Fast Delivery. Happy Customer!!!!! Thank you so much HerBridal!!!!!!!
By Steven
Thank you so much! You not only delivered the dress on time but in excellent condition. I ordered another dress from a site called TB Dress and they were horrible! I got the wrong order and their customer service was terrible! You guys are amazing. The dress was beautiful and your customer service was better than any other! Thank you again and I will continue to shop with you guys 110%
I recently ordered this dress for my first ever wedding at 40 years old. It is the most stunning and breath-taking garment I have ever seen. My wedding is this June 3rd in Paphos, Cyprus and I cannot wait for my fiance to see me in it! It is just the way I pictured it would be. Thank you HerBridal for all that you have done.
By John
I am very pleased with my wedding things, it looks very nice, thank very much you make my day
By Jeff
I got my dress and tried it on and this dress is far more beautiful in person than online. I tried on dresses in bridal shops and this dress is by far better than any dress in those shops that was 3x more expensive! The beading, color and fabric are amazing and I could not find one flaw in the dress.
By Kelvin
I have no complaints about my order, no this site and its services. The dress fit perfectly, which is a relief because I was worried about the length since I'm only 5'2(62 inches) tall. I did the custom measurements for $40 extra and it was, without a doubt, WORTH IT. I don't have to take it anywhere else to alter it in any way. For what I paid it was amazingly worth it, considering I paid about $270 for the dress, the custom measurements, and shipping and handling altogether. That would have been the price for a dress from David's Bridal, just the dress!! So this website is a life and money saver. It didn't take as long to ship to me as I had thought it would have, I ordered my dress on Feb. 9th and received it on March 19th. Thank you HerBridal!!
By Regina
Hey guys, I just wanted to say that the shipping and servicing of HerBridal was AMAZING! I really thought the dress was stunning! I would recommend this website to any of my friends and definitely would buy from here again. Thank you.
By Zulkifli
Stunning dress. Every detail is beautifully made. I just kept admiring myself in the mirror! It's worth speaking to customer services of ways to avoid custom duties. Perhaps mark it as gift! Besides, it's worth the wait making it... I will recommend because I love it.
By Lagnesh
Just wanted to say after lots of doubt on ordering my dress online for the amazingly cheap prices I finally decided to go ahead with this dress. I received this dress Tuesday I did have to pay a custom charge of ¡ê26.00 but how much I saved money wise buying from HerBridal this seemed to be a fair price for custom. When opening the box I was full of worry thinking because of how low these prices are the fabric would be tacky and the colours may look dirty however I burst into tears with joy! I cannot thank HerBridal enough for my beautiful wedding dress the quality is perfect and the detailing is beautiful its looks like so much care and attention was put into creating this dress I cannot fault this at all. The quality of the fabric is amazing and the colour (i choose ivory) is spot on. I would advise any bride to purchase this stunning dress I feel the picture on here itself does not give it enough justice to how truly beautiful it really is- I am 5ft 5inch and I wore 3inch heels when trying it on and the length is just right. I have tried a dress on almost identical in the U.K and the price was 4 times as much as this. Do not hesitate you will be not let down. Thank you once again HerBridal I am truly happy and speechless by my beautiful dress and I know I will feel like a princess on my big day :)
By Mymnassaups
I absolutely love the dress. It was made and delivered soooo fast and it's absolutely gorgeous and the quality of the dress is great!!!!!!!! I would definitely order from HerBridal.com
By Caleb
I received my dress and I am sooo happy with it. I look so pretty in it. I just smiled the whole time as I looked at it in the mirror. I received it in a small box and it just popped out the way it looks in the pic, in fact even more beautiful than the pic. I chose Ivory and it is a beautiful soft color. I too was apprehensive about ordering online but trusted my friend who referred me to HerBridal.com. I'm so happy I listened to her. She was referred by another friend of hers who was very pleased. Ladies, I received my dress sooner than I expected and I had two weeks to prepare for my wedding. I had it custom made and I on purpose gave a couple of inches to add on during my measuring of myself. I just couldn't imagine my dress rising above my ankles. TRUST ME, YOU WILL NOT BE DISSAPPOINTED, YOU JUST NEED TO FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS, IF YOU WANT IT CUSTOMED MADE AND CHOOSE THE DRESS OF YOUR DREAM. I went into bridal shops and this dress could easily have been sold for the prices I saw close to $1,000.00 and more. I feel so lucky to have gotten a dress like this for the price I paid. I never felt so beautiful like this in my life. Now, I have to get back to preparing for my wedding. Just thought to stop by to tell you that HerBridal.com sent me a dress with quality material, well prepared, and with much much care in what they do. I will definitely come back to shop with HerBridal.com and refer my family and friends. Have fun deciding, you deserve it!
By Ryan
I'm completely fascinated with this dress. It's perfect. The online picture is beautiful, but in person is totally wonderful. I really loved it. It's amazing!! In my marriage I'll take many pictures to send here. Thanks HerBridal
By Richard
I ordered this wedding Gown with lot of speculation but it was so beautiful I took the risk and when it was delivered...IT WAS JUST AS IT WAS DESCRIBED TO A "T". I got it for my younger sister and the wedding is 1 October. And it was delivered on time too and I live in Nigeria. I am not scared to promote HerBridal.com among my friends. RE: I made this order and promised (my sister's special day was 1 October and she looked awesome)to upload the pictures so others can see that HerBridal is for real and they are safe to deal with. Currently, I have a friend making Orders from HerBridal and am not scared that she will get it right before her special day.
By aashish
I ordered this dress custom sized and I also received it earlier than expected! I love the embroidering and it was an excellent deal! I would recommend this site to all my friends who are searching for their special dresses :)
By Swee
I bought this dress for my sister. When it arrived it was even more beautiful than in the picture. The quality of the material as well as the finishes is superb- no detail was overlooked. She's going to look amazing on her great day.
By gregory
I will be walking down the aisle soon and all I can see myself in is this dress. The thought of David's bridal is so cliche and I want something very elegant and that describes this dress!!!!
By Niral
I was very nervous to buy my wedding dress online but this dress is absolutely beautiful. I will caution people that are shorter in stature because the dress is fairly long. I am tall so it didn't bother me, I will just need a low heel to wear with it. But as far as the quality and the beadwork, absolutely stunning and, you can't beat the price either! Thank you!
By Sandra
I purchased my dress to my own measurements and when it came it was in immaculate condition and fit like a glove. Wore it for a beach wedding and could not even count the amount of compliments and shock when people found out how much the dress actually cost. I couldn't have asked for anything more. I can't wait to wear it for my follow up reception for family!
By Dedy
I love the dress. I ordered a size 2 because my measurements fit that size almost exactly to where I wouldn't need any alterations. This is the only bad thing though; the dress is so long that my seamstress said I would have to be nearly six feet tall! I wanted to avoid having any alterations done, but obviously that was not possible. Other than that, I love the dress.
By Ruby
I just received my dress and it is very beautiful, although there are a few issues. 1. The dress is VERY long. It says floor length and it drags on the floor all around. I did see another review pointing this out but I thought I would be ok because I am nearly 6 foot tall. I will now have to pay for alterations. 2. Many of the seams were uneven and not matched up. 3.The scallopped edge had many areas where string was hanging , as did much of the embellishments on the bodice. The dress is very beautiful though. The color is absolutely gorgeous!! The ivory is very light more like a cream color. All in all and especially for the price the dress is great!!
By Sid
I just received this dress all the way to Toronto, I was somewhat questioning what kind of experience I would have. I had to best experience ever. I don't shop online much but when this came to my door, I opened it ASAP. The only thing wrong was it's a little small since I must have gained a little weight nut the corset back solves that issue. The picture of this dress is to the point of every detail!! A must have for a low budget bride!!
By Martin
OMG!! I received my dress a week earlier than expected and I am soooooo amazed. My mom and my family LOVES it! And so do I. They had never seen a dress like that and it fits perfect. THANK YOU SO MUCH!! I AM DEFINITELY RECOMMENDING YOU and will continue to purchase in the future. THANK YOU OVER AND OVER!
By Mohd
I just got the dress today and it is Beautiful. I didn't get it Custom made, and it fits really good. I love it, thank you HerBridal :)
By Wilfredo
I ordered this dress, but was a bit skeptical after reading negative reviews competitor's websites. I got white with black accents. I had nothing to worry about! The dress is beautiful. It is exactly like I expected. The satin is good quality, the beading is beautiful, and the embroidery is flawless. I am very, very happy with this purchase. People are floored when I tell them that a dress this perfect cost under $300!
By jessica
I just got my dress in last week and I can say is WOW. It is absolutely beautiful. I was very hesitant to order online, but I am so very happy I made this decision. I had it custom fit and it fits me perfectly. I cannot wait to order from this site again....i'll definitely be back!!!!
By Tang
I received my dress from HerBridal just today - it's even more beautiful than it was in the pictures! I ordered a custom size and it fits perfectly. The quality is as good as the quality of the dresses I tried on in a bridal gown store before looking at dressed online. The cups of the dress is molded and the boning and bodice gives very good support. I was very wary about buying a dress online for my wedding, much less from a wholesaler located in China, but I'm beyond pleased with my purchase. The quality is very good and the price is definitely right!
By Jasper
My beautiful wedding dress was received by me in an impeccable short amount of time. The delivery process was on point I have absolutely no complaints with online shopping with HerBridal...They Light up my world and I know my special day will be also, all because of them...Thank you Thank you and Thank you!!!!!!
By mandip
Hi I've already written a gleaming review for this amazing dress but I tried it on for my mummy yesterday and she took this picture. Bearing in mind I had just been soaked outside in rain (I am from the UK!!!) and had a young persons funeral to go to the next day the dress is still beautiful and makes me smile from ear to ear no pictures do this justice the detail is breathtaking xxx
By Gordon
My dress arrived yesterday. Unfortunately a member of my family was involved in a terrible accident over the weekend and was killed, but receiving my dress yesterday still managed to make me smile and when I tried it on I felt like princess Diana! I was a little skeptic ordering the most important dress of my life from overseas without seeing it first but it is better than I thought it would be. It is a stunning dress the detail is beautiful and I ordered my size not custom fit and it fits like a dream. The only thing is (and it is explained on the order) if you are a UK resident expect to pay duties on delivery (mine was ¡ê70) but even with this it is still an exceptional price! One more thing I received my dress on the expected shipping date so I got it about a week early and was kept well informed by email. I can not rave enough about this dress and this company I will be recommending them to my friends and will be back for bridesmaid dresses!!!! xxx Thank you HerBridal I can not wait for my wedding day!
By Melvi
I took delivery of my dress well within the advisory timescales (no import fees were requested). It is great! I went for a size 14 based on the measurements on this site. It is exactly as I expected, a little long, but fits like a glove (no need for the back insert). I choose ivory and ruby as the colour and I am now confident to order my bridesmaid's dresses in ruby too, as I have been advised through "live chat" that the colours will match. For the price paid, prompt delivery and quality, I have to rate this as "excellent"
By kate
I ordered the A-line strapless chapel train wedding dress and was very happy with it. It looked exactly like the picture online, the measurements were spot on, the delivery was timely, and the cost of the dress was fabulous. I would recommend HerBridal to anyone looking to purchase a wedding dress or, special event dress of any kind.
By adrian
This dress is absolutely AMAZING! No picture can even show the beauty of this dress! I couldn't be happier with it! I am SO glad I decided to order this dress! This royal blue almost even matches my bridesmaids' dresses exactly! So happy!!!! I can't wait to wear this dress on my big day! Thank you!!!
By Dawn
I was nervous about buying a dress that I had not seen in person nor had the opportunity it try on, but decided to go on faith. I am so pleased with the dress. I pulled it from the box and tried it on almost immediately upon arrival. It was the first time I cried with joy, the dress is exceptional!!!
By Transerve
I ordered my dress Feb 28thafter I received my color swatched. It was delivered today, April 3, 2012. USA. I WILL be recommending this site to everyone I know. The dress came early and the most important thing, THE QUALITY IS WONDERFUL!!! The custom measurements are perfect! I am only 4'11" tall so that was very important. I am so happy. It doesn't even need a petticoat. I ordered color swatches earlier and yes, the dress is the exact same color as the swatch. Unlike some people I've dealt with before. If you have any reluctance about ordering from this site like I did. Give them a chance. They are great and I also had a thousand questions. The CUSTOMER SERVICE IS EXCELLENT!! I have the dress in grape trim. Will definitely be putting up pics. Thanks so much HERBRIDAL!!!
By Michael
I love the custom made dress and the service was excellent. I didn't plan on purchasing a dress for my 2nd time being married and saw this dress and fell in love! I will purchase from your website again.
By Vincent
I ordered this dress after months of search here in the HerBridal. After a slight hesitation if the dress will suit me and wont be too bright I finally gave in because the dress was simply stunning. I ordered it in ivory and red. Had it made to custom measurements as I am normally a size 12, but here it offered me size 14 and 16 based on my measurements. My custom measurements were: Bust (Inch) : 41inch, Waist (Inch): 33inch, Hips (Inch) : 42.5inch, Hollow to Floor (Inch) : 63inch, Height (Inch) : 71. I am 5'11 tall, apple size. Ordered it on 25/02 with estimated delivery on 27/03, but the dress arrived 11 days before that, on 16/03/2012. I was pleasantly surprised and couldn't wait to try it on! I live in Great Britain and had it delivered by UPS, they requested me to pay nearly 90.00 GBP for the import tax and customs charges. As I was explained these charges depended on the weight and value of the goods shown on the invoice attached. Had to pay these charges in order to get the dress and only after I noticed that the invoice on the delivery differed from the original one issued to me on the day of order by whopping 120 GBP. When I alerted HerBridal about this issue, they kindly offered to reimburse my expenses. The responses were consistent and prompt from the customer service, chat with the on-line service advisor accessible, they dealt with my enquiry efficiently and in the most polite manner making me feel a very valued customer. Well done! Will highly recommend anyone buying dresses and other items from this retailer, as quality of the goods, packaging and delivery and customer service are OUTSTANDING! Can't thank them enough for all their efficiency and help with my order. The dress itself is gorgeous, even better than on the pictures that don't do it the justice. Well made, heavy material, fantastic embroidering, although don't expect it to be satin, its 100% polyester but it doesn't bother me a bit. It fits perfectly and has a bit of space left on the back to lace it up as tight as you wish on the day. It already has a mesh underskirt sewn in and looks great without petticoat; however I ordered one with 3 tiers and chapel trail as my dress is about 2 inches on the floor and it makes it look full and shows off the beautifully made train. Worn with 2 inch heals this dress will look simply stunning, my friends cannot wait to see me in it and have already complimented it many times. I have added a couple of pictures for all of you guys reading this review, to see how beautiful it is, sorry for the quality of those as I was using my phone camera, the dress is also just out of the box, so a tad bit creased. Again, for anyone wondering whether to order from this site: GO FOR IT!!! ITS QUICK, SAFE AND GOOD VALUE FOR THE MONEY.
By PNRichard
I absolutely love this dress! I fell in love with it when I saw it. The blue is the perfect shade. Everything was reasonably priced and it went super fast. Everything is perfect and I feel gorgeous in this dress. I can't wait to wear it down the aisle.
By michael
I ordered this dress in Ivory and Chocolate Brown. I was a little concerned; all I kept thinking was how can a dress so cheap be good quality! Boy was I worrying for nothing! The dress IS stunning, the talking point of my big day! Thank you so much HerBridal!!! xx I also ordered my bridesmaids dresses from here and they were just as stunning! x
By Sean
I ordered the dress custom measured, in white and red, and I love it! It fits perfectly and looks very expensive. The decorations are beautiful and I can't wait to wear it on wedding day in May!
By Peter
I am an overseas customer and thought long and hard as everyone told me not to order on line. I was so impressed at how easy it was to order as I am a plus size and on a diet to now fit my dream dress. The size chart was so accurate, & order arrived in time. The pictures on line do not really show the care and detail of the bead work and it is amazing. More than I expected. I am confident now that my bridesmaids will have no trouble in the next few months ordering their own dresses. You have made a much stressed bride very much at easy. I will be recommending this site to all my friends.
By William
When I received this dress, all my worries were over. The dress is flawless and made of quality materials. I can't wait to walk down the isle in this dress!
By Wayncbatwat
Received my dress the other day and it is even more pretty then the pictures. I love it and can't wait till I get to wear it down the isle and marry my one true love!!
By Simon
I got my dress today and it is even more pretty then the pictures. I ordered it big so I can get it altered to fit correctly. I love it!!
By John
My dress was perfect on my wedding day. It fit like a glove. Everyone loved it, and I loved it. I ordered it in blue trim and ivory. I was stunning.
By William
The dress is perfect! It's so beautiful! And the measurements were perfect. I chose to do the custom measurements and I'm so glad I did. I could not be happier!
By catherine
I bought this early Sep and it arrived about 3 weeks later, I tried it on and it was perfect. I love the material, the boning, everything! Everyone I have showed it to, has commented that it looks really expensive, I asked them to guess and they were giving me figures like 1500-2000 genuinely I thought they were very shocked that I paid less than 300, its extremely cheap for the quality of the gown, its amazing! As it came in a tiny box, it is very creased but I think with a good steam iron will fix it. I was very skeptical at first due to the cheapness and the time frame, when the box arrived about 3 weeks after my order I thought it must be no good, how can a nice dress be ready in 3 weeks but I was wrong, obviously time and hard work, excellent craftsmanship has gone into it. Thanks HERBRIDAL!!!!
By Adrian
Well, yesterday I received a small box in the mail with my name on it. How they got this dress in there is beyond me, but it was perfect and STUNNING!!! I had seen this dress in a store at 4 times the cost. For all those that are questioning the quality of the fabric and workmanship, I wish to put your mind at ease. I've decided my shopping spree continues. Thank you so much!
By Rosemary
I got the dress as shown in the red and white, it arrived within around 14 days after I placed the order (and that was using the super saver postage option!) - The dress is as shown exactly, totally perfect!! Even if you don't get the specific measurements, the sizes are really good, I didn't give measurements and just got a us size 6 (UK 10) and it fits perfectly! The website is really reliable, also bought my wedding shoes and bridesmaid dress from here too as good quality.
By Jason
I bought the dress in Red and Ivory like in the picture. It is just amazing and I couldn't be happier. The quality of the fabric is fantastic and all the beading is so beautiful. They use a very dense satin so the dress is quite heavy. I got my partner to take my measurements and the dress fits perfectly. They were so fast I had my dress at my door within 20 days. This was my dream dress and I would recommend HerBridal to any one who is still skeptical. Just do it its great. I also got my shoes, veil, jewelry and petticoat from them and all is fantastic. Not done shopping yet.
By Beverly
I ordered this dress for my wedding in November - I ordered it in Ivory and chocolate and was very apprehensive about ordering before trying but I shouldn't have worried the dress is beautiful -amazing quality and the detail in it is superb, I ordered it custom made and it fits perfectly although how they managed to fit everything into the tiny box it all came in I will never know!!! LOL.... I will post pictures after the big day on the 6th of November. ps delivery took 4 days from China to Scotland!!!!!!!
By clarence
I ordered this dress in royal blue trim and could not image just how beautiful it would be. I am so happy wish I could wear it all the time. HerBridal has made my wedding day :-)
By Rachel
Lovely dress, feels luxurious and looks great on! Got the custom measurements as I am much bigger on the bottom and smaller on top, and it fits perfect! Lovely beading, stitching is lovely - just a few straggly bits of thread around that is easily sorted, but apart from that, really good - so glad I took the chance and got the dress from HerBridal!
By Sherman
I received my dress yesterday and was blown away by how gorgeous it is! I ordered the white version with dark green trim in custom measurements and it fits perfectly. The green is the exact colour I was after too so I couldn't be happier. Some of the beading wasn't sewn on very well and has started to come off however this is easily fixed and other than that the dress quality was beyond my expectations given the price I paid for it. The dress looks gorgeous on its own but I also bought the three tier petticoat featured in the product promotions to go under it to fill out the train better, although I have removed the top two hoops as they make the skirt puff out like a meringue too much for my liking. HerBridal customer service were also very helpful when my order was delayed and I will definitely be recommending them to my family and friends and may be back to buy my bridesmaids dresses at a later date (I'm not getting married until late next year but this dress is exactly what I was looking for and I didn't want to risk not being able to buy it in a years time).
By Aaron
Dress came in yesterday and is just beautiful, I got the light pink and its perfect, only suggestion for buyers, give it a little extra time than planned to arrive in case something comes up in the processing. I was also surprised at the smaller than expected box it came in but it was packaged very nicely, I'm so happy with it, thanks HerBridal!
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