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By vasks
This dress is perfect, so happy I found it, it is just like any other wedding dress so you will need to order a size up, I am 5'10" and the length of the dress is perfect on me, very hard for me to find something that fits good and it is perfect, if you have big hips but a small waist this is the dress for you! It is very flattering for us curvy girls! Love it and can't wait for my special day!
By Vikram
I ordered this dress for my friend to wear in her wedding. Like many other reviewers I wasn't sure about ordering online without seeing or feeling the material. However when the dress arrived we were quite happy. The color was exactly as described, the fabric was nice and the quality of the dress itself was just perfect. The dress fitted perfectly except the length. We used precisely the directions on the website, but it happened to be a bit too long. However we were able to make it a bit shorter without any problems. Apart from that we decorated the top of the dress with some Swarovski stones and it looked very rich - just perfect. My friend was a real star in it! The price was very good. The main thing, my friend and her husband were very happy with our choice! I will buy from HerBridal again and would recommend them to everyone!!!
By Kevin
My beautiful dress arrived within the week (living in Australia I thought it would take longer). It fits like a glove and is exactly what I was looking for. I highly recommend this website for pretty, high quality dress delivered quickly and within the budget. I am a very happy customer.
I was very skeptical about ordering my wedding dress online, especially from an overseas company. However, this was the only dress I'd seen that I liked. I ordered it a week and 2 days ago and it arrived today (UK). With the sale on shipping it was actually cheaper to get priority shipping and I was shocked that it only took a week to get my dress. Just a warning though - I was hit with ¡ê14GBP import duty. I ordered a US 14, UK 18. I'm normally a US 10, UK 14 so I was a bit shocked at having to order such a large dress. However, I'd measured myself and I went by the measurements in the sizing chart, and I have to say it fits perfectly. The bra strap is ingenious and stops you needing to pull the dress up every 5 seconds. The material is beautiful quality and the skirt has lots of volume. I would definitely recommend :)
By Kellie
I received my dress, and I love it. The sizing is perfect (i just have to hem it a little), and I love the bra strap that is on the inside!! What a good idea! Photos really don't do it justice at all. I am sooooo excited to wear this dress!!!
By Rachel
I got my dress a week or so ago and I couldn't be happier with it! It's as everyone else says, great quality and great fit. I got a custom order. I'm a little bit larger bride and I'm very short as well, so the only real problem I had was it was about an inch too long for me. Otherwise it's great! Makes me feel like a fairy princess or something. =P I also got my dress in champagne.
By Mohamad
Quality: the dress is very well made and the fabric + colour is just as shown on the website. Price: Fantastic price for the quality of handy work and fabric of the dress. Fitting: it was a bit too long. Problems: The dress arrived on time BUT could not be delivered by the shipping company until VAT was paid for it (unexpected). Overall: Because the dress is made so well; with a few adjustments it fitted perfectly and even with the extra costs it is such a good buy. Thank you HerBridal.
By AmannySmemy
I bought this dress as sort of an impulse shop (had purchased another dress and thought this one was quite fun and flirty!) The quality and finishing of this dress are very good. Doesn't feel cheap. I like how the upper part of the dress comes with a built-in strap that helps hold the dress up - genius idea! The only thing I didn't like about the dress was that it was a bit too puffy for my liking. I ended up undoing some of the stitching of the bunched up organza by the waist just to help push down some of the puffiness. Not quite sure when I'll be wearing this dress, but I'll likely be making a few alternations to it and taking out some layers. Cute and unique style otherwise! :)
By Sylvia
I fell in love with this dress from the minute I saw it; however I am very short 5ft tall I ordered this dress but I did not have it custom because, I didn't know if the dress was running true to size does anyone know how I should do the length since I am short. Over all I am really excited to receive my dress I am getting married in august
By Azmi
I received the dress 3 weeks after ordering and it was well worth the wait. This was a surprise purchase for the mother of the bride in the champagne color. OMG!!!! Gorgeous. She looked like she was on the Red carpet. She was stunning in the gown and it fit her beautifully. She was complemented all night on her awesome dress. Thanks HerBridal!
By sakshi
Took 1.5 weeks to Australia. I ordered the dress 1 size up from my measurements, fits well except the bust, which is ok as I'd rather bigger than smaller and easy to get altered. Lovely top part, bottom a bit more puffy than photo. There is a hem on the bottom of the dress which can be taken off to make a bit shorter which is what I am going to do. I am very happy with this dress, there is no way you would be able to buy in shops here for the price I paid for this dress from HerBridal. Just keep in mind you need to be average or tall height, slim/medium build to wear this dress well as it could make you look fatter and shorter with the puffiness of the bottom half. Thank you HerBridal. Highly recommended. I will never pay shop prices again if I can avoid it. I love this site!
By khiuoplmht
I order this dress for my wedding its going to be my reception dress. I was afraid I wouldn't get it in time it came in yesterday it came in about 2 weeks. The dam dress is perfect, I was so scared to order from here I order it thou pay pal and everything went smoothly. The dress does fit like a glove I did get a size bigger thank goodness. Its done very well the metrical is good, I thought it would have been cheap. But it's nothing cheap about it... I just wish that shipping can be a little cheaper. I am happy with the dress. . I am going to be ordering from here all the time
By Dawn
I ordered the dress in white, it is the most beautiful dress I ever seen! I will try to soon get a better camera to upload a better picture since this is just taken with my phone. I think the dress in white is gorgeous. I customized and it fits perfectly, it looks just like in the pictures! Not joking!! Now, something I did not know and I was not warned about was the country fee charged by UPS when they delivered the dress, it was almost a $100. It is good to consider this so customers prepare their budgets. I recommend the live chat also! Especially for this type of questions. The dress though is totally worth it.
By Nopkayatrydop
I have received my dress it is perfect!!!!! It is exactly like the picture...it is really big, long and heavy but that is just like I wanted it but ill have to order another dress for the reception as I won't be able to stay all day long with it but girls its perfect. Thank u HerBridal xxx
By Trixie
An absolutely gorgeous dress. Good quality material used and the dress is quite heavy which indicates quality. I really did not expect such a well designed dress and this dress for the price. Note: No need to buy any of the petticoats with this dress as it comes with it's own in built one. I recommend anyone to use HerBridal. Just make sure to use the made to measure option as for an extra $50 you get peace of mind. HerBridal are a fantastic company to deal with. Customer service outstanding. Delivery outstanding. Quality outstanding. Thank you for a job well done :)
By belinda
I LOVE my dress!!!! It is absolutely gorgeous. I ordered it in white. To be honest the picture doesn't do it enough justice. The workmanship is fantastic. The dress is of good quality. It is heavy... The train is long but not too long... I am even more excited about my big day than I was before I received my dress. I am about a size 12US and just had a baby so I was nervous about the ruching on the gown and how it would look (ruching is a hit or miss)... however it did what I want/needed it to do which was cover my mid-section well. All I need to do now is get a few inches taken off the bodice and get the train bustled for my big day... Thank you HERBRIDAL.
By Hiroko
The dress is lovely. Good quality material and well made. Delivery was very quick. Thanks.
By Neespatdittes
I just got my dress! It's amazing. I did order the Ivory. It's stunning. Someone else said they ordered the Ivory and it was yellowish, not at all. Maybe that person ordered the wrong color. It's the color it should be. I did loose some weight so the gown will need to be altered. I did have it custom sized. I'm not worried about that though. I live in Scottsdale, AZ and didn't have to pay an export fee as a few have mentioned. I'll try to post a pic soon. I love my dress.
By Robin
I really love this dress and right now it is on sale for a great price! However, my wedding is a year away still and I was wondering if I have it altered to my size now and then I loose weight can I get it altered again? Or is this a one time altering dress? I would really appreciate a fast response as I only have 3 days to make my decision! Thank you!
By Dawn
My dress arrived, I bought the ivory in it which is a very pale, more off white and what can I say it is absolutely first class. I had it customized to fit and it is spot on, fits beautifully. The quality of the material and workmanship is excellent. The design is as shown, it is really gorgeous with a long train. I also bought the 3 hoop petticoat to go with it to make it ballroom like in the pic, although if you wanted to you could skip the petticoat altogether as it is quite full on its own. My mum also purchased her MOTB dress from here as well and it was unbelievable, the material was divine and it had more detail than you could see in the pic. Although she wasn't expecting to get such a long train with it, but I guess it may be done so it can be hemmed to the desired length when she chooses her shoes. Overall very happy! So, I am also getting my bridesmaids dresses here as I know I can trust the quality, the customer service is also good if you have any questions.
By Sariavestyvar
I just got my dress in the mail. It fits me perfectly and it is so beautiful....I tried it on and then hung it up and keep staring at it. It's beautiful! I was a little deceived with the color. I thought the color in the photo was the champagne color, but the photo is actually the ivory. When I got mine it was almost golden, which took me off guard. But the more I looked at it, the more I loved it, so all is well.
By Deloris
Yes I do agree about the country fee as that was quite a surprise and then tricky as unless one is able to pay immediately either with cash or cheque (which one might not often carry over ¡ê100) the delivery company will take it away and you have to get them to redeliver or go and collect which could be tricky. Having said that it is absolutely FANTASTIC and a beautiful dress so entirely worth it!! I was really surprised about the quality of the finish and attention to detail - very impressive.
By Oluwaseun
This dress is absolutely amazing. It is very heavy and the train is really long. The dress is Taffeta and it does have a shine to it. The train is lace. The dress is very detailed and exquisite. My dress color is champagne. Yes upon delivery there is a COD charge for international shipping. I am posting a few more pictures of the dress hanging so you can see the amazing train of the dress. I am doing Bridal portraits tomorrow and I will post those ASAP. I absolutely am in love with my dress and do not regret my ordering it from HerBridal. It is amazing...that is all I can say.
By Vincent
This dress is amazing beautiful! I'm so glad that I've ordered it and I would recommended it to everyone else, too. I had no problems with HerBridal and got my dress within 8 days! Everything was perfect the dress and the little jacket, nothing to complain about and the price is unbelievable for this quality! If you need more information about my experiences, please contact me : )
By Salil
I am a mature bride, this is my one and only wedding and I wanted something that was beautiful but mature enough for me to feel comfortable. I have to say this is stunning and a perfect fit! The jacket finishes it off beautifully; the whole dress is perfect and I feel like a queen in it. I just have no idea how they got this lot in such a small box, including the hoop skirt! I am grateful I read the previous reviews so I was pre-warned about the import tax, still a major bargain. I will never regret this purchase and have already recommended this site to others.
By Shelley
This dress is beautiful. A fantastic buy, would recommend to anyone. The Customer Service was brilliant as well, couldn't fault them for their assistance. Was really concerned with buying online but really pleased I did. The only thing I would check in the cost to import the item to your country as this is where my initial shock came. It cost me half the cost of the dress due to the import tax however it was so worth it. The detail is amazing. Thank you so much
By Esther
The dress looks sooooo goooood! I love the broidery on the top. You made my day:) the only problem was the cover!lol it does not fit me...was too small!!!! I do not know if I should return it and get a more bigger one or maybe I am just gonna buy another one from another store...but Thank you for your beautiful work on the dress, I appreciate it
By Samir
This dress is absolutely amazing... Do not hesitate to buy it. I was so nervous about purchasing from an internet site. But as soon as I tried it on I knew it was perfect. The bodice is so beautiful and detailed. I wore it on my wedding day on 9/10/10 and everyone thought I looked stunning. My husband knew the price of the dress and could not believe how lovely it was. A professional dress maker said that it would have cost me over $2000 NZD in the shops. HerBridal were excellent at keeping me updated and it arrived really quickly. Don't hesitate just buy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I was very nervous about ordering online. I ordered my bridesmaid dresses from HerBridal.com and they were stunning. I took a leap of faith and ordered this dress. It exceeded my expectations. Do not hesitate to order this dress. The beading detail is phenomenal, the fabric is of great quality, and the way it is assembled is flawless. I can't think of any negatives to say about this dress in all honesty. I am absolutely blown away. The price is unbeatable, and it's as if I bought it at a bridal salon. Also, the customer service from HerBridal.com has been wonderful. No complaints at all. Over all a fantastic experience from beginning to end with this web site for both my bridesmaids dresses and my wedding dress. They have made me a lifelong customer for sure!
By Cape
This dress is amazing. I felt like a princess on my wedding day. You will not be disappointed. The bodice has such beautiful detail and the quality of the material is fantastic. When I had minor adjustments made - my dress maker could not believe the price and quality. I will post some pictures soon and you will see for yourself.
By Balakrishnan
I ordered this dress and just like the previous reviewer, it came in such a small box that I thought it was just my bridesmaids dress. In fact it was both! The dress is amazing. It is slightly long which is good to allow for the heels! It also looks like there are straps on the dress but mine didn't come with any. It doesn't make a difference though. The stitching on the bodice is amazing, in fact the whole dress is. My sisters & sisters-in-law have seen it and can't believe it was ordered on line. I would seriously recommend using HerBridal and have been telling all my friends about it. Thank you!
By Bjorn
I bought this dress for my wedding in August of 2011 almost exactly a month before my wedding. My mother took my measurements as we didn't have time to go to a seamstress. It came right on time, and when I tried it on, it was literally a perfect fit! I had another dress already that cost about twice of what I paid for this one, and I chose to wear this Strapless Sweetheart one instead of my first one. The one and only downside to this dress was that there was no bustling hook or buttons for the train after my wedding and someone tried to sew it up, but the train was quite heavy all pinned up. I had an outdoor wedding and reception and by the end of everything, my dress had been stepped on and dragged in the dirt and it was very dirty afterwards. I know some women worry about getting a strapless dress as it feels like it could fall down at anytime (I know I was, but I had tried on several other strapless dresses before getting this one) and this one had no problem whatsoever staying up. I did not wear a bra with my dress as it felt perfectly fine without one.
By Papadopoulos
A few women had recommended that I order my dress from HerBridal.com and so after days and days of searching for my perfect dress I found this one! I kept thinking about it and looking at the pictures of it and decided to JUST GO FOR IT! I am so glad I did. This dress is so beautiful and I had plenty of comments on my wedding day! I had it custom made and it fitted me perfectly and was also the perfect length. It was so beautifully made, you can tell a lot of time went in to it. It had plenty of layers so I didn't need to add anything to it. I also didn't need to wear a bra - bonus! Beautiful, amazing, gorgeous dress and I would absolutely recommend it! Best part is that I save thousands! Thank you HerBridal! :)
By Ana
Received my dress a week ago and is perfect! The detail is amazing and I absolutely love it! Can't wait to wear it!!!!
By Shahrizal
This dress is beautiful, if your thinking of getting it just do it!!! The dress is a little creased as I just got it out of the box. Order the dress one size smaller than the measurements (mine is a size 10) and the color is white. I am also wearing a 3 bone petticoat to give it more volume, the dress is nice and light so you will be more comfortable on the day. The beading is amazing on the dress I just love it!!! The lace up back is great for giving better shape, in my pic the lace has been pulled thur the wrong way (weave thur the top to bottom). The only thing that will annoy me is the beading under the arm seems to rub but other than that is a fantastic dress at a really good price! Sooo excited for my wedding day :)
Hi, I know the dress has a loop so you can have it on your wrist, but do you think if I took it to a dress alterations I could get them to put something on it underneath so the train could stay up underneath on its own for the reception? I love my dress it's the only concern I have. Thank you.
By onervariemn
Omg! I received my dress yesterday. The quality of the dress was great. It looks just like the picture. The fit was true to size on the size chart. Also I didn't even do any special sizing request and the fit is amazing. I am 6'1 and the dress is long enough. I only have to get one small alteration done for the best fit. Honestly I was skeptical about the site because of the amazing affordable prices. But now I am ordering my bridesmaids dresses here too. Also the highlight of the story is it only took two weeks. I couldn't be happier.
By Puvaneswari
I absolutely love this dress!!! I was iffy because I was ordering online but I am more than satisfied. It is beautiful in the pictures but even more beautiful in person! And thank you to the woman who had posted the helpful tip about the train. I was wondering that myself. I would definitely recommend this site to anyone. I got the dress at a reasonable price and definitely a reasonable price. The laced up back is the greatest. I do not even have to get alterations thanks to this addition. I feel like a princess in the dress!! I can go on and on about how happy I am with this.
By annuamepisa
I bought this dress two months before my wedding. It arrived in around 3 weeks, so really quick. Had it custom made and it fits perfectly! I really like it and the quality is amazing! I thought it would be ok from a distance and poor up close, but this isn't the case. It's very intricate and well made. I would not hesitate to recommend this dress. If you are unsure about whether to buy from this site unseen, don't worry! Thanks.
By Mymnassaups
The dress we ordered is absolutely stunning, it came within ten day's of ordering, it was custom made for my daughter and it fits perfectly, it is more beautiful that we could have thought possible I had tears in my eyes when she tried it on. SHE LOOKED LIKE A PRINCESS what more can I say except THANK YOU SO MUCH.
By Jane
I have just received my dress for March 2011 wedding - it looks exactly like the picture and absolutely stunning! Took approx 5 weeks from ordering to arrive. Only issue was a small red mark which came out easily. I noticed a few other girls commented it was too long, I am 173cm tall and only wearing smallish heels and it fits perfect. Very complimentary for a small bust, and pear shape figure. Very well made and the bodice is just perfect.
By cynthia
This dress came within weeks and is just amazingly perfect! I got it custom made to size and it fits perfectly. I cant fault it at all, I bought a petticoat to go with it however I don't think it needs one, its gorgeous how it is. Cannot wait till march so I can actually wear it :) Thanks HerBridal :)
By Mark
I received my dress a couple of hours ago, it took just under 3 weeks to come to the UK. I was kept informed all the way through from when they started to make my dress to when it was shipped. It arrived in a tiny package so when I opened it the dress was creased and was inside out which makes sense in the case of any damage in transport. As for the dress itself it is just perfect. I ordered a standard size and it still fits perfect, I will have to get it hemmed as it is slightly long but it is exactly like the picture and even more beautiful in person. The quality is fantastic and I will recommend HerBridal to every bride. Thank you HerBridal.
By J.
My dress arrived exactly 3 weeks after ordering it custom made. It is beautiful and the detail is amazing. The skirt is big enough that you could get away without a hoop if you wanted but it looks even more special and adds to the effect of the dress. The fit is perfect and I'm not a small lady by any means!! I can't wait to wear it on my big day!!
By Alan
I finally received my dress last week and its more beautiful in person...the beading is gorgeous, it more crystals and pearl floral designs makes the ivory dress color pop definitely. Had it made custom and it's definitely a great fit, may need small alterations done but for the most part it fits great. Absolutely more than expected :) I would recommend HERBRIDAL to everyone I know!!
By choy
Well I ordered this dress just 14 days ago, it arrived this afternoon, only took 3 days to deliver to the UK... and 11 days to make... fantastic!! Although did get express delivery... so not sure how quick standard is but plenty of time if you're in a rush, I thought id be waiting at least 3 weeks... I went for the custom fit and it does just that, fits perfectly in all the right places... although I did order a petticoat the dress does actually come with some netting already underneath and so possibly doesn't need one, I may get a smaller less puffy petticoat as the one I did get is a bit big I think... also I am a size 18-20 UK size, and the petticoat comes in one size, had a job getting it on, and its tight so worth bearing in mind if your a plus size lady... but the dress is truly gorgeous, exactly like the picture, I cant get over all the detail, its amazing how quick its been made... considering shops say 6-8 weeks, yet they order from china also, I am gathering that's standard delivery, they really do make a bucket load on wedding dresses though, I am going to advise anyone and everyone to buy from here as I cannot get over the quality (just like the ones in the shops) at a fraction of the price, and it fits like a glove.... I cant say fantastic enough, really ladies if your considering getting this dress then go for it.... worth every penny... also if your plus size don't worry it still suits larger ladies, makes you look a lot thinner up top with the bottom half being quite big.... say if your over an 18-20 not to buy a petticoat though as it will be tight, it does have a drawstring cord though and fastening so you may squeeze in (like I have). 10/10 in my opinion... thank you so much HerBridal...
By Anak
I debated with myself for weeks about buying from here, but soooo glad I did! I receive my dress yesterday and it is BEAUTIFUL, the quality is outstanding! The beading on the top half is lovely and strong, the stitching will not budge! It looks and feels like a ¡ê800 dress. The weight and the amount of layers is fab, I am SO HAPPY! it fit like a glove in everyway! To anyone like me that wasn't sure, give these dresses a try you will not be disappointed. The only thing I will say slightly negatively is that I never thought the import tax would be as much as it was, I paid ¡ê72 just for the dress. But all in all still a bargain! :)
By stanley
This dress looks heaps better with a petticoat!!! I was slightly disappointed when I received my dress, the beading work and the sweetheart cut is beautiful but I felt it didn't have enough volume. I brought the Nylon/Tulle Floor length WAP004 petticoat and it's amazing! Made the dress look completely different!!!!! Love it Love it, definitely would recommend a petticoat. This is definitely the dress of my dreams. I have already told my girlfriends to buy from this website, I will be buying my bridesmaids dresses from HerBridal.
By Geetha
Hi I brought a hopped petticoat to go with the dress (of course from your site), and it's even more amazing now. Girls if your thinking about buying this dress... stop thinking!!!! I am just in love with it, it's almost to good to be true, for the price!!! Wish I could wear it everyday!! Will be buying bridesmaids dresses, favors, shoes, veil from this site. So happy!!!!!!!
By Charlotte
If you are thinking about buying this... OMG stop thinking. I was hesitant, I didn't get it customized, just ordered a size US 14 and hoped for the best.... and OMG !!! I cannot explain how stunning and amazing it is....wow. And it fits like a glove. I received mine in 15 days. I promise you will be happy with it, I am so happy and cannot wait to wear it on my big day. Thank you so much HerBridal I will recommend you to all my friends.
By Pamela
I ordered this dress and predicted delivery time was up to 1 month, it came within the month and fits PERFECTLY, the fittings are spot on and the dress is exactly as you see it on the website, it has all the crystals as shown.. All I can say is I AM VERY IMPRESSED. Everyone was bit worried as I was ordering online in regards to how the quality will be, fitting, the dress overall, but after using HerBridal website, they have changed their minds. Thank you very much for making my dream of wearing a unique & flattering wedding dress come true.
By sds
I have received my dress and it is exactly how it is in the picture the detail is really good and looks amazing, needs a few alterations as is a bit big around the waist but other than that its brilliant and good value for money.
By Ryan
So I was super excited when I got my dress. it did take the whole 28 days till I got it. The dress is beautiful. The detail was right on and soo amazing.. The only thing my dress was missing was the detailing by the pick me ups. I didn't have any and the dress is sewn with it and I also didn't have any detailing on the back either where it showed it in the picture. Other then that the dress was amazing!!
By Ranjit
I ordered this dress, it arrived in less than 2 wks n I am so happy, I jus love it!! I am a UK size 8 n it fits perfect, just need the hem taking up as I am only 5'3". The beading is jus enough detail, u wouldn't want much more and there are several layers of net as an underskirt so u wouldn't need a petticoat. Only thing I will say is the train is VERY big, so I am going to get the train altered slightly, otherwise the dress fits PERFECT!!!! I have ordered my shoes, veil, tiara and bridesmaids dresses, so just waiting for them to arrive. And nearer to my wedding in October I will order my 3 flower girl dresses. I definitely recommend HERBRIDAL :)
By sathish
I ordered this dress and got in less than 2 weeks. The dress is beautiful and very well made. There is more beading on my dress than in the picture but it makes the dress even more gorgeous. The only problem was my dress was about 4inches too big around my hips and the hem at the bottom was a little off but I just had to pay a little extra for some alterations. Overall I am very please with the dress. I LOVE IT!!!!! The dress is much more beautiful than the picture shows.
By Eric
I have ordered this dress and I am so excited, I can't wait for it to arrive!!! A little nervous though, because I've only seen the dress off a picture, so I hope I like the beading pattern!!!! That is my main worry as I love the style of the dress.
By Angeline
I got my dress very quick and it looks beautiful. I couldn't believe that for this price I will get that quality. It looks exactly like in the picture... Thanks HerBridal... I am very happy... :-)
By Fwei
I got my dress yesterday!! I was so exited!! It came in a small box but is such a beautiful dress. it looks the same as the display picture. It fits perfectly. I would recommend asking a professional to do the measurements. It can fit extra large sizes, cuz of the corset. I really love this dress, I can't say it enough. Thank you HerBridal!!!
By Amit
Like many others I was nervous of ordering from this site. I too have read the negative reviews, but had also seen the amazingly positive ones. I loved the style of the dress and the photos of real women wearing this dress made me decide to take a risk and I am extremely impressed with the service and quality. My dress is absolutely lovely, it needs taking up though but I expected that being a shortly, I won't mention the 'flower'. When I opened up the box I was really nervous, but immediately I could see and feel the quality. The material is fab, far better than some of the dresses I have tried in bridal shops. The structure and boning of the dress is perfect for my shape. I love it and would recommend HerBridal providing you order in plenty of time for your event. Mine arrived today and I get married in 10 days, lucky for me I have a mother who is a genius on a sewing machine and can make the alterations for me. I just could not find a dress I really liked until I saw this one so I realize I was 'cutting it fine'. In short, stunning dress, lovely material, beautifully made. My top tip is just being more organized than me and order well in advance!
By Lori
The dress arrived and it's gorgeous! It fits perfectly, except it seems it's been made floor-length instead of tea-length... The material is thick and sturdy; the bodice has great structure... I might get the bodice taken in just a wee bit. I also ordered a dress for my six year old daughter who will be my flower-girl/ring-bearer/junior bridesmaid and that dress was also really fantastic. Overall though, for the price, this dress is absolutely amazing. I'd recommend HerBridal in a heartbeat.
By Marc
I was a bit skeptical of buying my wedding dress off your site as I read some negative reviews and buying from overseas without been able to try the dress but after receiving my items and know all the worrying was for nothing, I can't put into words how I feel, I took the dress out of the small box and I was like WOW, I tried my dress on and it fits me like a glove, I had it custom made and it fit perfect and match made in heaven. I can't wait till my big day and my finance is over the moon and excited to see me in the dress. What I will say to people who are wanting to buy this dress but worried about ordering from overseas don't be go for it you will NOT be disappointing the dress is of high quality and the photo's on the site doesn't give it justice it is truly amazing. I would like to say a big thank you to HerBridal for making my dream come true and for the work they put in to making these dresses so perfect. I will of course be putting photo's on of my big day. Also I am a large lady but this dress makes me look slimmer than I am so that's a big plus. THANKYOU AGAIN :D
By Ajay
Wow!!!! This dress was everything I dreamed of for my wedding day. I wanted a retro style dress and hat and it was exactly that. I can't count the number of compliments I received, the number of tears shed as I walked down the isle to my awaiting husband who was winking and blowing smooches at me before I got to the altar. As we drove home from the reception, we had people on the street waving and cheering at us; cars were rolling down their windows for a better look and complimented how beautiful I looked. I would advise you to go up in size because of the cut, fabric and design of formal wear.
By Nathan
The item arrived in perfect condition. The shipment and delivery was made on time. The dress is as beautiful as it appears on the website. I am very satisfied with this product, and very fine tissue. I recommend this item.
By Jeremy
I bought this dress as my wedding dress. My wedding is April 28th so I haven't had a chance to wear it except just trying it on. The dress is more beautiful than the picture. Although the flower on the dress is NOT the same as the on shown in the picture, but the dress looks good with out a flower too. I'm shorter than the model (I'm 5'5) so the dress is ankle length on me, which is the length that I wanted the dress to be on me. I'm just having to have the shoulders taken in on the dress. I'm excited to wear it for my wedding.
By matthew
I received my dress and was shocked that it is so nice. I was very scared about ordering on line and then the whole will it look good part but I have to sit how happy I am. Had to get the dressed hemmed which I knew would need as I am super short but over all I am so happy! Thanks so much you have saved me a bucket load of money and I look great!
By chandran
Wow, super impressed with HerBridal. Excellent turn around time, 7 days from when I ordered my dress to when it was received. My dress was the A-line Scoop Tea-length dress. For the cost of the dress, I was amazed at its quality. Really good seams and finishing and a lot more sturdy then I had imagined it would be. Lots of support around the waist. Must say I don't like the flower much, but I had planned on changing it anyway (making one to match my partners kilt). It will need to be taken up a little as hem is kind of long, but over all, great job guys. I would recommend this company for their dresses to others. A happy Bride to be...
By Ken
The dress is beautiful, the fabric very heavy. Heavier then expected but that's fine. Like other reviewers I have found the dress is longer than I thought and bigger. However will discuss with my dressmaker who will make the necessary alterations. So maybe look out for that. Dress is true to picture and beautifully made. Thank you I will look stunning on the day
By Daniel
Lovely dress. Beautiful quality of fabric and workmanship. Flower was lame, but after reading other reviews it's what I expected and had planned to unpin it anyway. Very easy to remove. Overall, the dress is much longer than I had expected and I may need to have it tailored to fit, but for the price it was an excellent value. I am short waisted and the dress is designed for someone with a longer torso than myself. Overall quality cannot be beat, especially for the price.
By NonKnilitly
I was looking for a vintage/50's style dress and found this ticked all the boxes. The material and make of the dress is all of excellent quality. As everyone has mentioned the length and the flower both need adjustments but other than that I am extremely happy with the dress. Highly recommended!
By supparerk
What can I say? I LOVE IT. The quality is fantastic; everyone has said how it looks worth so much more than I paid. You have made me a very happy bride to be, thank you so much.
By Ami
My dress arrived today, 2 days after it was marked as shipped, and well within the timescale. I'm THRILLED! It's absolutely beautiful, really heavy fabric, beautiful bodice and the boning is perfect! I have to get it altered (shortened) as I'm a shortie (5'4") but that was to be expected. Absolutely delighted I took the leap and ordered this.
By Kevin
This dress is absolutely beautiful and definitely a good buy. The material is gorgeous and the fit is perfect. The flower? Forget about it - just remove it. I ordered four of these dresses for my bridesmaids and they all love it.
This dress is amazing and an absolute bargain. Well made, great fabric. But the flower that came with it was very poor, so I bought one off eBay. I bought this dress in a size and not custom, in case it was too small. It came larger so I had to have it altered at an extra cost. The length was far too long for me so I had it taken up 3". It took about 5-6 weeks to come. The customer services was excellent too, if you have a problems with the dress etc they reply fairly and quickly. Will definitely use them again.
By Andrew
The dress is very pretty. Quite vintage looking, which is what I wanted. It doesn't look like it would be made well but its heavy and high quality fabric. It would have been perfect for my wedding, if it had arrived on time. It took almost two months for me to receive my dress, so I had to buy a last minute replacement. I inquired about a refund about a week and a half after I ordered it, and they informed me that every dress is custom made, even if it's a stock size.... so the only refund I'd receive is the shipping fees. My fault for not reading the return policy more closely, but after reading several reviews and their shipping policy I thought I had time to get the dress to me. It's definitely worth the money, but make sure you have ample time to get the dress to you, otherwise you'll find yourself being without one.
By Clarice
I ordered this dress before the New Year. It was affordable and exactly what I was looking for. I based my purchase largely on previous reviews. As others, I found the dress was a great fit based on my measurements. Being full figured, this can be trying. Anyway, the dress fit great, but it came with a gaudy fake white flower. I took this off immediately, covered the dress, and put it in my closet. Well, I pulled it out a few months ago to find a large, tea-type stain right where the flower was pinned. I thought I might have a water leak, or it was the flower. After consulting with a dry cleaner, and paying $81 dollars to get it cleaned, he concluded it was the fake flower that caused it. So, BEWARE OF THE FLOWERS THAT ARE PINNED ON THE DRESS. If HerBridal reads these, I hope they discontinue doing this. It made was what a quality, inexpensive dress an expensive albatross.
By mohammad
Like others, I went through many of the same previous searches--I also wanted something vintage-looking, and had hoped to find an actual vintage dress. But those women appear to have been significantly smaller than I am at my age (45) and 60+ years later in time.... Also like others, I had some anxiety about buying a dress unseen and untouched. But it's all as others say: it is a heavy fabric, quite supple and feels great--not flimsy at all. The seams are excellent. Finishing is quite well done. But I specifically wanted to thank the real women who added their photos to this dress review. You look more like me than the model does, and I really appreciated your images. That is what really gave me the confidence to take the chance on this dress. When I use it, I will return that favor. I'm eager to brag about the cost of this dress on that day as well :) Thanks everyone.
By Jahja
It took me a while to decide to actually buy this dress. But after many days looking over the pictures and reading the reviews I could NOT lose it. I had fallen in love. I was a bit nervous when the dress came in the mail but once I put it on I knew that it was "the one". I didn't get the custom sizing but instead opted for the standard sizing. I got a 10 and it fits like a glove. The quality of the dress is amazing! The satin is gorgeous, the inner corset is more than I expected. It's very strong, stable and will keep me looking pretty all night long. The only thing I was a bit disappointed with was the flower. In the pictures it didn't look detachable, but the one that came with my dress was a clip-on and not very well made. It was in complete contrast to the rest of the dress. On the bright side, I can now look for a cute broach to wear instead of the flower, which I am very excited about. Overall, I love it!! Thank you HerBridal, you are amazing and will definitely shop your site again.
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