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Beware Of Cheap Imitators

Choose HerBridals.com for quality wedding dresses by professional tailors

We would like to remind our customers: please place order on our website HerBridals.com ONLY.

The dresses are supplied by our own factories, which makes it a quick and efficient process to order, make, and ship your ideal dress. Our efficiency and lowered operational expenditure enables us to provide the unbeatable prices among the high-quality products.

How to distinguish our product from the low-quality imitators

1. Fabric

HerBridals.com's satin products are using 395 Taiwan Satin, which is very soft, doesn't wrinkle easily, is easy to iron and wash and has a natural glossy shine. It is also heavier than other types of satin with an extra 30-35 g/m2.

The imitators usually use lower quality satin that is only 120-125 g/m2, has an underwhelming gloss and uncomfortable touch, and wrinkles easily.

2. Embroidery

HerBridals.com's embroidery techniques are extremely detailed, look vivid and are very solid and compact.

The copied dresses' embroidery is poor because of its inferior technique and usually gets loose after the first wear.

3. Beading

HerBridals.com's dress ships with beautiful beads on their sleeves and collars (selected designs), which make it look more detailed and classic. All the beading is exquisitely made by hand.

The cheap dresses, although copying the design, they normally have no beading details.

4. Inside Lining

At HerBridals.com we use a hard net lining to make our dresses, so even if you don't wear a petticoat, the dress will still look great. The lining clothes also feel comfortable.

The copiers usually use very poor clothe for the lining that has no style and bad stitching.

5. Bodices & Fish Bones

The dresses from HerBridals.com have bodices that are well-made, perfect for different styles and sizes. There are also seven fish bones in the bodice to make sure the dress holds its shape. The bones are capped so they don't push through the lining and they follow your curves to add support and make your body look great, even without a bra.

Imitated cheap dresses usually do not care about bodice and they do not use fish bones. The dress will just look flat and quite different from what's shown on the photos.

Dear customer, we hope you find your perfect wedding dress and we wish you a wonderful wedding. These all begin with a pleasant shopping experience and an authentic, world-class quality dress. Please be vigilant to cheap imitators online and only place order on HerBridals.com website.

If you have questions, or would like to report to us any imitator or stealing of our product images, please contact us. You may also check our FAQ page for more information.

Boning Q & A

What is "Boning"?

Boning is made from soft and flexible materials, and it is used in dresses to help it maintain its shape, providing support and curves in all the right places to make the dress look gorgeous even when worn.

What are the benefits of boning?

Many designers use boning for most of the wedding and formal dress styles. Boning simply serves to make the dress conform to your body, allowing it to fit like a glove.

Where is boning usually applied?

  • Wedding Dresses: Dependant on the style of the dress, boning will be applied in different positions and quantities.
  • trapless Styles: 7 slender "bones" (soft, flexible metal or plastic) will be placed in the front, and 6 in the back. Boning for princess waistlines are approximately 0.8cm wide.
  • Other Styles: 4 "bones" are necessary for the front, and 2 for the back. The width of the boning is usually approximately 0.6cm wide.
  • Formal dresses: Boning will be applied in different positions and quantities, depending on different styles.
  • Strapless Styles: 7 slender "bones" (soft, flexible metal or plastic) will be placed in the front, and 6 in the back. Boning for princess waistlines are approximately 0.8cm wide.
  • Other Styles: Different styles will have different quantities, since the places that need support vary depending on the style.
Note: Not all styles require boning. For example, sheath style dresses rarely need it.

How is boning applied to dresses?

The ends of the "bones" are always rounded so that there are no sharp edges which may poke out of the fabric. In addition, stitching is applied all around the "bone" to ensure that it is secure and won't shift accidentally.

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